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2 years ago

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This is a connection with the first delivery a few weeks ago, when Wendy has a couple of guys fucked by the work they do and who have joined Wendy and her friends go on Friday nights and stay with her is, she is separated from her husband, but I had the impression that she was frustrated and needed a cock, from time to time. Fucking the two friends from work to start the screw. De soon became apparent, Wendy the beginning was a confident and comfortable if there was a good feeling about what others see a property that I lived through the rule continues to this day. We had the night before, while only 2 months later I met Wendy at the pub, with a little black dress to show her size 10 figure hard enough, his favorite black heel was worn and had pcm as I was to find socks and garters, the club have sat apart from the others, was about what happens in our local pub, with his legs when his crusade chat now so short dress was now mid-thigh to show the tmiddle and clip operations braces, and I said I loved what I saw, that's your answer.......... "Ok, thank you. " A few of us have normal sleep on it and leave in the morning, as now, had always been the norm now reflects the end, because right out of my comfort zone, but to see how my nerves to Wendy shit and of course, if she was interested in me. A Wendy time, often used to do body up under the tight pussy like, this morning there was a black, no bra, as her nipples were poking and a good pair of cozy little denim shorts. It was time for me to go and after chatting a little about what was behind the door, and went for the kiss on the cheek and I met Wendy kissing on the lips, with its apparently enjoying this, she made no effort to move away from intensive use me, and both arms around his feet and began caressing her body all over my body, my cock is taking over my mind, I moved slowlys hand on the belly rubs a company and continues to tit in pussy, Wendy now definitely enjoy this I began to rub gently against her jean shorts in her pussy slowly louder and louder, more viporn intense now kisses and burning tongue from the mouth, I was in heaven, this viporn super hot older women, as I was expecting a good time. away and went to the kitchen, where he conferred against a counter in front of me and smiled, said he enjoyed the attention, which now reopened to kiss him, but now I have a visit with one hand directly on her pussy and rubbed hard against her shorts I started investing, slid down her thighs, where Wendy then escaped, is now only in his black body, her nipples now hard rock and her pussy now feel very well in his body, began to fall on a viporn finger and run viporn up and down her pussy very smooth, which is what Steve and Tony liked it and now had to go with one. N Wendyow shut their eyes and began rubbing my cock through my pants, now I made ​​the next step and began her toned body, held together with the reproduction of Popper, three tugs and now have free access to your hair pussy to undo, with both hands he opened his lips and slowly rubbed his fingers up and down her wet slit, viporn you can get out viporn of her vagina a little and find what it is up to her clitoris, and the guy that has allowed know if you have found her clitoris, she loves rubbing hard and fast. The attempt at a degree of control in my head that would not have thought I would share my now very stiff cock hairy pussy to get to Wendy, but she had other ideas as he continued rubbing my cock told me to take on my pants and trousers are still, fuck I feel his hand on my dick now hard skin removed and rubbed it up and down her wet slit, " sticking viporn to me," she said, struck my mind full speed before it honestly, for the protection, "just stick to me," she said again and now I moved to the left without checking Wendand a distance from the work surface, spread viporn
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